Lands have changed since the days of old, and much that was once the dwelling of men and elves now lies beneath the wave. Proud Númenor, ancient Atlantis and lost Lemuria are all drowned in the waters of the encircling sea. But not that land which of old was called among men the Golden Wood, and among elves, Lothlórien.

Here, the magics of Galadriel – cheif among them, the Ring of Power named Nenya, the Ring of Water – created of this wood a place of enchantment where time scarcely dared tread and entropy was banished. But with the passing of the Third Age, and the disempowering of the Rings of Power, its wonder slowly faded. The elves who had dwelt there quit this world, taking sail for the Undying Lands that lay beyond the baths of all the western stars.

But the wood, even without the sustaining powers of elves and rings, remained. Undying and untouched by the passage of time, the woods remained, as the millenia passed. Migrations, wars and natural catastrophes reshaped the world and the lands of it peoples, until finally, what had once been a sheltered valley of the Misty Mountains became a part of the oldest of modern continents, Australia.

The land was never completely abandoned, though, and men remembered its origin, and payed homage to that origin, calling it the Wood of the Ring, or simply Ringwood.

It is even the case – although walking through the halls of Eastland, one might be inspired to doubt it – that some of the old magic remained, at least into living memory. The “Pride of Ringwood” variety of hops, used in the making of numerous Australian beers, notably Fosters Lager and Victoria Bitter flavours, was developed and first grown in Ringwood, along the banks of what was once the Nimrodel river, and is today the Mullum Mullum creek.

Suburbs near Ringwood:

Park Orchards Park Orchards Warrandyte South Warranwood Warranwood Croydon Hills Croydon Hills
Park Orchards Park Orchards Ringwood North Ringwood Ringwood Ringwood Croydon
Donvale Ringwood North Ringwood North Ringwood Ringwood Croydon Croydon
Mitcham Ringwood Ringwood Ringwood Ringwood Ringwood East Croydon
Vermont Ringwood Ringwood Heathmont Ringwood East Ringwood East Croydon South
Vermont Wantirna Wantirna Heathmont Heathmont Heathmont Bayswater
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