It might at first glance seem to be something of a contradiction in terms, a village of parks. But that would be an unnecessarily humanocentric assumption. It would be based on the idea that only humans create villages, which is not true. Various species of intelligent plant also gather in villages.

Some of these species are even able, through the use of painstakingly evolved floral displays and potent pheromonal effulsions, to influence the behaviour of certain humans. Of course, the plants themselves could not have evolved of their own volition, lacking, as they do, volition. The plants ultimately responsible for the creation of Parkville were created at the nearby University of Melbourne by a botany students under the direction of Dr Liam Olcrann, a former classmate of notorious botanist Jason Woodrue. Led by Dr Olcrann, the students created a number of new species, most of them noted for their extremely malicious nature.

Through strategic gifting of bouquets, house plants and gardens to the Architecture Department of the university, the likelihood of sympathetic constructions was increased. In the second stage of the plan, they expanded their interests to town planners and members of the local council. In the third stage, a home for the offspring of the plants was created, a village of parks: Parkville.

Suburbs near Parkville:

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