Many people have blamed Yoko Ono, and the way that John Lennon acted around her, for the break up of the Beatles. There’s an element of sexism in this, and also of seeking a single person to blame for what was in truth a collective phenomenon. Lennon was the most outspoken of the Beatles in public, and the share of blame allotted to him is correspondingly larger than that of the rest of the band.

But this ignores the behaviour of the other three in the band’s last years. Harrison walked out of recording sessions for “Let It Be” for five days at one point, annoyed with both Lennon and McCartney. The band were divided over who to appoint as a financial manager to fill the vacuum left by Epstein’s departure. And then there was the photographer. That photographer. Linda Eastman, later Linda McCartney. Paul’s new bride, in her own completely different way, stirred up just as much trouble as John’s.

It was as a result of one of the actions she inspired Paul to that the other three Beatles objected to Paul’s idea to make her brother John the new financial manager of the group: after a night reminiscing about their respective visits to Melbourne, Paul directed John Eastman to purchase a property in the Dandenongs for Linda. Although the dissolution of the band saw that land sold off (much of it purchased by the Victorian state government, which turned into a nature reserve) to pay the debts of the Apple Corps. But the name given to it by one of the twentieth century’s greatest creators, a record of his love and longing for his soulmate, remains even today.

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