Notting Hill

The final ritual in the Ritual of the Seven Hills is the ritual of weaving together. But by the time that Taylor’s cult got to that point, there were relatively few hills left that did not already have names. They were forced to choose a less than ideal site for the ritual. Among other flaws, it was low enough that lump was a more accurate description than hill for it. And it far, far too close to Wheelers Hill.

Although there aren’t many particular rules about where the hills for the Ritual of the Seven Hills have to be located in relation to each other, the most basic one is the minimum distance between them all. (Which is the attempt to carry out the ritual in Sydney’s Seven Hills region also failed.) And this hill, chosen as the least worst, the most minimally acceptable compromise location, was not far enough away from the site of the earlier ritual.

Taylor and his people went ahead with it anyway, of course – after bludgeoning their way through six previous night-long skyclad rituals across the length of a Melbourne winter, the sunk cost effect was well and truly at work among them – and the actual ritual itself, the knotting, seemed to go well enough.

But the Ritual of the Seven Hills failed in Melbourne, as it had in so many other places before and since. But the knotting, the drawing together of different energies and streams of thought had a lasting effect on the area, which is why the southernmost chunk of it now houses Monash University.

Suburbs near Notting Hill:

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