Noble Park

‘Tis a well-named park, for it is indeed a park of nobility, where of old men of quality would meet to test each other’s mettle, and the wide fields would resound with tumult of their clash. This whole land, from the borough of keys in the south, to the grave of mulls in the north, and from vale of springs in the west to the nong of dandies in the east, was set aside for the arts of martiality, that it could never be used for any lesser purpose.

And yet, with the passage of time, the flowers of chivalry, that once bloomed so brightly it seemed that they were the product of a spring that would never end, have faded, in the manner of all things of this mortal world. The proud arms and armour of the days of yore now lie rusted from disuse, and the fields of glory on which they once were employed have become other. Where once they were well-kept, they have become overgrown and ill-tended, the domain of weed and thistle.

And then, in the manner of lesser men, the avaricious eyes of the merchant class gazed across the park of the nobility, and saw, rather than a blessed firmament where a man’s true worth might be tested, a place where low-cost yet highly-priced domiciles might be quickly and shoddily constructed to house the emancipated peasantry. No more would the flower of chivalry disport upon the park. Instead, the sons of the low men would spray paint their indecipherable squiggles upon the cheaply made walls of their suburb.

And the noble park would be neither noble, nor a park, evermore.

Suburbs near Noble Park:

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