Mount Evelyn

It is a sad fact of life in Melbourne that the city, for all its many virtues, includes among its citizenry a vast cohort of what are commonly known as “bogans”. (They can be instantly recognized by their inability to get on the correct train carriage on a first attempt, regardless of how long they have to prepare for the train’s arrival.) Bogans are known as a breed that is frequently sexist, racist and drunk, and thus, many learned academics have assumed, upon hearing the first half of the story of the origin of the name of Mount Evelyn, that they can intuit the second half easily enough: it is assumed to feature bogans prominently.

The first half of the story is that Mount Evelyn was indeed named after a contest held to see who could sleep with Evelyn Darvall first – who could ‘mount’ her. But the assumption that this contest was started by a group of drunken bogans who espied the comely Miss Darvall one Melbourne Cup Day is a false one.

Likewise, the idea that the contest was somehow created and controlled by Evelyn’s more famous sister, Catherine, out of jealousy at Evelyn’s attractiveness, is also false. Catherine Darvall never cared about another human being enough to go to that much trouble.

In truth, the creator of the contest was Evelyn herself, who felt overshadowed by her sister’s string of famous (and infamous) beaus, and wished to even the score. However, the family history of the Darvalls (written by Alphonse Darvall, nephew to Catherine and Evelyn) records that Evelyn died a virgin and a spinster, and was certainly not the proprietor of a bordello in the Lilydale region.

Suburbs near Mount Evelyn:

Lilydale Lilydale Lilydale Wandin North
Lilydale Mount Evelyn Mount Evelyn Wandin North
Lilydale Mount Evelyn Mount Evelyn Silvan
Montrose Montrose Kalorama Silvan
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