Mount Eliza

In the late 1940s, property developers betwixt Mornington and Mordialloc noticed a problem: Frankston, the name given to most of the area in between them, was not a popular name. Indeed, it was associated with lower class ruffians, vagrants, miscreants, criminals and worst of all, workers. These were not at all the kind of associations that the developers wanted for what would otherwise be luxury beachfront properties. The obvious solution was to rename the area, but this led only to further arguments, as no one could agree on what the new area should be named.

In 1952, fate intervened.

On the other side of the world, Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor – better known to most people as King George VI of England – died in his sleep. His daughter and heir, Elizabeth, cut short a visit to Kenya (en route to Australia) to return home for the funeral and coronation rites. Back in Australia, this sparked an idea.

How better to appeal to the patriotism of the buyers they sought to attract? Everyone knew that money and support for the monarchy went hand in velvet gloved hand. And so it was decided that the tallest local hill would be renamed Mt Elizabeth (it had previously been named Mount Batman), and give its name to the larger part of Frankston South. Unfortunately, the Queen did not care to have places named after her – although this news reached Australia only after signage had been ordered. One hasty consultation and some quick paint work later, Mount Eliza was christened.

Suburbs near Mount Eliza:

Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Frankston South Frankston South
Port Phillip Bay Mount Eliza Frankston South Frankston South
Port Phillip Bay Mount Eliza Mount Eliza Frankston South
Port Phillip Bay Mount Eliza Mount Eliza Baxter
Port Phillip Bay Mount Eliza Baxter Baxter
Mornington Mount Eliza Moorooduc Moorooduc
Mornington Mornington Moorooduc Moorooduc
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