Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong the area is, quite obviously, named for Mount Dandenong the mountain (which also gives its name to entire range). But the naming of the mountain itself is clearly from Dandenong, which although relatively close is hardly nearby. And the name the Wurundjeri people gave the range was Corhanwarrabul, which even allowing for vagaries of translation and transliteration is hard to mistake for Dandenong.

What actually happened was a little more complicated. Mount Dandenong was named by George Drennan, a man who was noted for his sympathy to the dispossessed members of the Kulin people and who tried to do right by them. The actual Woiwurrung (the language of the Wurundjeri and other Kulin peoples) word he was trying to use was ‘Tannerum’, which can be translated as ‘meeting place’ or ‘corroboree site’. Drennan apparently mistranslated the word, or, recognising its homophonic closeness to Dandenong, assumed that he had simply misheard the speakers who told him the word.

Mount Dandenong today is the site of the towers that broadcast television signals to the greater Melbourne area, suggesting that the area may well have been cursed by the Wurundjeri to pollute the minds of the whitefella just as the whitefella’s booze and morality once polluted theirs.

Suburbs near Mount Dandenong:

Montrose Montrose Montrose Kalorama
Montrose Mount Dandenong Mount Dandenong Kalorama
Montrose Mount Dandenong Mount Dandenong Olinda
The Basin Mount Dandenong Olinda Olinda
The Basin Sassafras Olinda Olinda
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