It’s important to grasp that the letter removed from Mornington’s name was not a U. The township was not originally called Mournington, no matter how much mourning took place there in the early days, back when it was known mostly as a disease-infested swamp, the White Man’s Grave of the South. The frequent funerals (several a day at the peak of the disease’s reign) led to a town that any goth who time travelled back to it would have felt right at home in. But it’s not the deaths that gave this place its name. It’s the distance.

The missing letter wasn’t a U – it was a W. The original name of the place was Morning Town, so named because if you started out for it from Melbourne at any point after lunch time, there was little chance you’d arrive there before dawn the next day (especially considering what night time travel speeds were like before electric lighting).

Suburbs near Mornington:

Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Mount Eliza Baxter
Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Mornington Mount Eliza Moorooduc
Port Phillip Bay Mornington Mornington Mornington Moorooduc
Port Phillip Bay Mount Martha Mount Martha Mount Martha Moorooduc
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