Meadow Heights

Meadow Heights, almost by definition, cannot possibly exist.

A meadow, almost by definition, is a low-lying area, reliant on a ready supply of water to even exist. As such, it can hardly be considered to have heights. As with most such areas, the name Heights has been added (and in this case, the name Broad has been removed) as a means of jacking up real estate prices.

Or has it? Some evidence exists to suggest that the broad, flat plain of nearby Tullamarine Airport was not a naturally occurring feature. Was there originally a larger depression there that was filled in by the destruction of a nearby mountain – a destruction that would also have conveniently cleared the eastern flight approach to the airport. Nothing can be proven, but the name is inexplicable otherwise.

But that’s ridiculous. Isn’t it? There’s no way a whole mountain – even one built to the rather relaxed standards that Australia applies to naming mountains (for example, nearby Mt Ridley is only 289m tall) – could possibly be disappeared like that. Not without leaving some trace.

Clearly, there is a Meadow Heights. The question is, why?

Suburbs near Meadow Heights:

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