Main Ridge

It is true that large portions of Victoria, from Melbourne through the west, are the result of volcanic activity: hills, mountains and in one case, a mamelon. Science tells us this, and our observations bear it out.

It is also true, as legend tells us, that when the bear king settled his seat nearby, he was coming to a land that had been prepared for him in ages past by his servants, the great stone-maned bears, each of whom curled up and slept for thousands of years, while grass and trees grew on their backs.

The mightiest of these, fittingly, was the one whose body created the seat of the king, the mountainside now known as Arthurs Seat. His name is a secret – the stone-maned bears do not share their names with any but their lovers and their kings – and so the hilly ridge that his head and shoulders formed became known as the Mane Ridge, a name that still survives today, albeit as a homophone.

Suburbs near Main Ridge:

Rosebud Arthurs Seat Red Hill Red Hill
Rosebud Main Ridge Main Ridge Red Hill South
Boneo Main Ridge Main Ridge Shoreham
Boneo Main Ridge Main Ridge Flinders
Boneo Boneo Flinders Flinders
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