Lego Heroica: Weapon variants

In a standard Lego Heroica game, all the weapons basically allow players to copy the special abilities of other players. If you’re the Thief, for example, the Dagger’s no use to you, because you can already do that stuff. The following suggestions are intended to make the weapons a little more versatile.

  • Axe: can also be used to chop up any adjacant wooden feature. This includes bridges and doors (though not the metal door). Only one square worth can be chopped up at a time, and the square cannot have anything else occupying it. Chopped up doors are considered permanently open; chopped up tiles are impassible. (Note: the tiles used to link the various Heroica sets together are not considered to be wooden for this purpose).
  • Dagger: Instead of making it a standard 1 gold per monster, make the amount of gold equal to the monster’s strength minus 1. This way, bats and spiders will have no gold, but higher ranking monsters will have more. In addition, the keep the Thief special, the Thief gets one extra gold for each monster.
  • Bow: The Bow does no damage to a monster that is adjacent. Any monster at greater range, so long as it is in a straight line with no obstructions, it kills outright.
  • The other weapons are as specified in the rules.

Note that these abilities apply only to using the weapons – they do not change class abilities unless otherwise noted.

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