Before we go any further, I just want to state, categorically and for the record, that there is not now, and has never been, a serial killer known as “The Scytheman” operating in Kilsyth or its environs.

Honestly, I don’t know how these rumours get started.

It is certainly not the case, for example, that the first postmaster of the Kilsyth Post Office (which opened in 1900), affectionately known to locals as “Mad” Bill “The Cutter” Slicington, was actually a man transported for a series of vicious clashings in London, and actually named Toby Ragg. The abrupt drop in the murder rate in Kilysth following Slicington’s death in a tragic farming implement accident late one winter’s evening is purely coincidental.

Furthermore, it is also not true that the abnormally high suicide rate among pretty young female teachers at the Kilsyth Primary School (opened in 1910) is in any way suspicious or indicative of more sinister forces at work in this sleepy village. Although it is true that an unusually large number of the suicides were by the rarely used method of decapitation. Nonetheless, each suicide was investigated fully, and police have pronounced, without exception, that there were no suspicious circumstances in any of the deaths.

While it is true that, in 1968, renowned aviator and stuntman Johnny “the Eagle” Wilson did die in Kilsyth in tragic circumstances, this has more to do with prevailing winds than the suburb itself. (It is believed that Wilson was practicing a new stunt which went badly wrong for him, although it is curious that he seems to have been practicing without his usual co-pilot. Or his usual plane.)

Nor should any credence be placed in tales of a latter day Razor Gang operating in Kilsyth in the turn of the century era. Although it is the case that Bridget “the Blade” Harris did live in the region in those years, police have determined that her activities in those years were limited to running a lucrative gardening business, and being responsible for the grass areas of the local high school.

Suburbs near Kilsyth:

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