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Annotations written by Loki Carbis, 2009; revised in 2014.
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Alexander Downer was (briefly) Leader of the Opposition from May 23, 1994 to January 26, 1995. He was sufficiently ineffective in the role that he was replaced by his party before he could lead them in an election campaign. In addition, this line directly homages the song “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from the musical Grease.Downer: Look at me, I’m Alexander D.
Downer became leader mostly because Peter Costello drove his campaign, in exchange for the number two spot. Later, Costello would make a similar deal with Howard.Opposition Leader – now how’d that come to be?
No idea, I woke up and I was here
Downer once wore fishnets to raise money for charity (in 1996). In the musical, he appears dressed in a manner reminiscent of Dr Frank-N-Furter from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.Lookin’ like a superstar and feelin’ queer.
Downer is a third generation politician. His father, Sir Alec Downer, also reached cabinet rank in federal politics, then was High Commissioner in London from 1964 to 1972. His grandfather, Sir John Downer, was twice Premier of South Australia and a Senator in the first federal Parliament in 1901. Downer himself was noted for his debating skills in his earlier years – he did less well in the rough and tumble of Parliament.Old money – and I’m a master of debate
Five minutes – and I might just meet my fate

‘Cos I’m too freaky
I’m a greasy-cheek freak
I’m a leader of tomorrow,
but I won’t be ‘round next week
‘cos I’m too freaky (too freaky)
twisted to the bone
and I’m thinkin’ that I’m sinkin’ like a stone…

But it’s a chance in a million
That’s put me in this place
It’s destiny that you and me
should square off face to face
Keating: Well that’s lovely, Alexander,
and may the best man win
William Buckley (1780 – January 30, 1856) was an English convict who was transported to Australia, escaped, was given up for dead and lived in an Aboriginal community for many years. Buckley’s improbable survival is believed by many Australians to be the source of the vernacular phrase “Buckley’s chance” (or simply “Buckley’s”), which means “no chance”, or “it’s as good as impossible”. Another possible source of this phrase is a pun off the name of department store, Buckley & Nunn.Downer: Ah, fuck me, I’ve got Buckley’s in the state I’m in –
Pull the pin!
Too Freaky
Band: Too Freaky

Look at you, you don’t know what to do
Never thought a man could be so Lib’ral through and through
Yes I know, they wanna drag me back below
The Liberal party slogan at this time was: “The Things That Matter” and Downer once joked that the party’s domestic violence policy would accordingly be named the “things that batter”, referring to abusive husbands. This was only the best known of his numerous gaffes.But I’ve got the things that batter –
Band: Matter –
Downer: oh bugger! – here I go now!
Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow, born David Edward Sutch (10 November 1940 – 16 June 1999) was an English musician and aspirant politician, and founder of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.I’m way loony – I’m like Screamin’ Lord Sutch
They’ll screw me –
I’m just much much much much much much much much
much much much much much much much much…….
much too freaky

I’m a greasy-cheek freak
A leader of tomorrow,
but I won’t be ‘round next week
‘cos I’m too freaky
Band: too freaky
Downer: utterly defiled
C’mon, Australia, let’s get wild, wild, wild,

I’m too freaky…
Band: Oohh too freaky
Downer: Oh my lord, I’m too freaky
Band: He’s so freaky
Downer: T-t-twisted to the bone
Band: He’s really freaky
Downer: Oh my lord, I’m too freaky,
Band: Freaky
Downer: Freaky
Band: Freaky
Downer: Freaky
Downer: (Whispers) FREAKY!

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