There are two conflicting versions of the origin of the name of Kallista. It is perfectly possible that both of them are true.

The earliest one is that the name derives from the Greek kallisti, meaning “for the fairest”. In legend, this was the word that appeared on the golden apple of discord thrown by Eris to disrupt an event she felt snubbed by not being invited to. (It worked – the end result of the argument about who was the fairest was the Trojan War.) The lushly wooded area of low rising mountains to the north east of Melbourne was named by its original Greek landowner, Spiros Filipedes, who gifted the area to his daughter, Agape, on her wedding day. From the few surviving daguerrotypes of Agape Isokoski (her married name), it is fairly clear that her father suffered from severe hallucinations. Agape and her husband eventually sold on most of the land, leading to it being subdivided into large allotments for farming – the remainder was deeded to the government as a permanent nature reserve.

The other story is that the name derives from the Finnish kallistaa, meaning either “to slope, incline, lean or tilt” or “to make more expensive”. Both are quite convincing, as the earliest landowner to settle the area was a Finn named Raimo Isokoski, who acquired the land as part of his bride’s dowry. To a Finn from one of his nation’s swampier, flatter districts, the area around Kallista would indeed have notably seemed sloped, inclined, leaned and tilted. On the other hand, given that he made little secret of his (eventually successful) plan to develop the area and sell it off for a profit, the other meaning of kallistaa cannot be discounted either.

Suburbs near Kallista:

Olinda The Patch The Patch Monbulk Emerald
Sherbrooke Kallista Kallista Kallista Emerald
Selby Selby Menzies Creek Emerald Emerald
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