“I Still Call Australia Home” by Peter Allan

“I’m always traveling, I love being free,
and so I keep leaving the sun and the sea”

I’ve never really understood the attractions of this song (although I know every word of the Chaser’s parody version). But I guess I’m just unAustralian or unpatriotic or something.

But seriously, does Peter Allan honestly believe that they don’t have the sun or the sea in other countries? I mean, obviously that man has seen the inside of way too many tanning salons, but does he really think that’s where every non-Aussie’s tan comes from?

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  1. The Chaser parody highlights the difference between Qantas selling itself as 100% Australian and proud of it, while on the other hand offshoring a lot of maintenance and other vital functions.

    In terms of the lyrics: ask yourself what’s so American about Mom and apple pie? We have both in abundance in Australia and have found both mothers and apple pies in other countries as well. Look at the Australian national anthem – none of these qualities are necessarily exclusive to this country.

    Moral of the story: it’s a funny old world.

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