Traditionally, a dale is a valley located in an otherwise hilly area. This clearly does not apply to Huntingdale, which is a flat area located in the middle of a larger flat area. It could arguably be considered a part of a large dale – one covering a goodly portion of the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne – but even compared to neighbouring suburbs, it is a tiny area.

Nor, given the fact that it is a flat plain that never had much more than scrub bush on it, can it truly be considered a good place for hunting – even to the British idiots who introduced rabbits to Australia, and thought they were fun to hunt. Rabbits could be found in more attractive surroundings if hunting them was one’s goal.

So there is this suburb with its portmanteau name, in which both roots of the portmanteau are demonstrably false. Clearly, there is more here than meets the eye. But it takes a look at the big picture to grasp the true significance. Huntingdale is located in close proximity to Monash University, and the majority of its inhabitants are students of that institution.

And there are those in Melbourne who hunt the most dangerous game, or, in its absence, free range soylent green.

Suburbs near Huntingdale:

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