What? It’s the side of a bloody hill. What did you think it was?

They’re not all great mysteries, you know.

Oh, alright. The suburb takes its name from the farm of one Archibald Everett Taylor, who named it less for the accuracy of the name (it was indeed built on the side of a hill, albeit quite near the top), and more as a smart-arsed reference to the Ritual of the Seven Hills which he had gone to a not inconsiderable effort to restage in Melbourne.

The increasingly undeniable evidence of the ritual’s failure must have made the name an unpleasant goad to him as the years went by.

Suburbs near Hillside:

Plumpton Plumpton Calder Park Calder Park
Plumpton Hillside Hillside Sydenham
Plumpton Hillside Hillside Taylors Hill
Plumpton Caroline Springs Taylors Hill Taylors Hill
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