A number of common misconceptions exist regarding how Heatherton got its name, all of them starting from the base assumption that it was named after someone or other Heatherton. Without exception, this is incorrect. In chronological order, Heatherton was not named after:

Vice-Rear-Under-Admiral Sir William Heatherton IV, who commanded the utterly non-decisive British naval forces in the defence of the Isles from the Spanish Armada. His ships, like those of his foes, were defeated by a higher power that day, a power named Major Winds.

Toby “the murdering bastard” Heatherton, a bushranger in Toorak and Prahran during the 1880s, never convicted of any crime despite his many many confessions to them.

Christina Heatherton, legendary nightclub singer in 1920s Los Angeles and actress in 1930s Hollywood, the only person to have been so thoroughly blacklisted by HUAC that she is now more or less an unperson so far as history in concerned.

Vincent Smythe-Heatherton, the only man to have escaped from Stalag Luft XXXVII, near Kivvenschmidt in Silesia.

Sam Heatherton, a musician who left Queen before they signed a recording contract. Heatherton subsequently sought employment as a session musician, becoming a very slightly sought-after player in late-Seventies London.

Alix Heatherton-Theta, the first woman to set foot on Arcturus VI in 2317.

Suburbs near Heatherton:

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