Misspelled it may be, but then, Australia has never appreciated the culture of its Maori immigrants. There’s a reason that they’re stuck way to hell and gone away from the city, in a suburb with only two sealed roads and no public transport.

But the Maori are a tough, warrior people. If they were going to have isolation, so be it – the better for preserving their culture, its language and its rituals. Such as the Haka. It’s no accident that the world record for most participants in a Haka was set in Melbourne: the good people of Harkaway (who changed the spelling of their region’s name and invented some fanciful stories about Germans moving there from Westgarthstown, just in order to maintain the isolation that was supposed to be some sort of punishment) had been planning that event for generations.

For today, they carefully sabotage attempts to “improve” Harkaway on the part of their local council, and repeatedly attempt to start a breeding colony of kiwis in the secretive hills above Berwick.

Suburbs near Harkaway:

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