Generally known as one of the most expensive residential districts in the world – and mostly occupied by holiday houses at that – the Hamptons are those towns and suburbs clustered around the end of Long Island furthest from Manhattan, where the sea breezes (and sea fish) are at their freshest each morning.

In Melbourne, even in the boom era of the 1880s, we could only afford one of them, although it did cover a large area. Modern Hampton is the merest vestige of the land of happy holidayers that once stretched from South Road to Mordialloc Creek. But as the years went by, feuding landowners gradually broke away to form their own smaller enclaves (except in the case of Sandringham, which was voluntarily ejected by Hamptonians who felt that it was bringing their home into disrepute).

Today, Hampton is a charming beachside suburb with a laidback, almost village like atmosphere, at least in those areas around Hampton Road and railway line. But although it remains a relatively wealthy area, it is now a permanent residence for the middle class, rather than a summer playground for the upper class. C’est la vie.

Suburbs near Hampton:

Port Phillip Bay Brighton Brighton Brighton East Brighton East Bentliegh
Port Phillip Bay Hampton Hampton Hampton Hampton East Moorabbin
Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Hampton Hampton Highett Highett
Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Sandringham Sandringham Highett Highett
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