There’s really nothing much to say about Greenvale. Its name means “Green Vale”, and it is, in fact, most composed of parts of two vales which are notably green (at least, they are if there’s been any rain lately, which is not always a given). There’s really nothing much to say about it.

I mean, it’s not like the green name was actually a nickname based on the large marijuana plantation that was the first farm in the area, or that the vale part is actually misread Latin – “vale” meaning something quite different in that langauge – a tribute to the fallen crops of years gone by that were destroyed utterly when their territory was claimed to be the location of the Greenvale reservoir. Nothing like that is remotely the case.

Neither is it true that the name derives from a mistranslation and mis-speaking by the first Chinese settlers in the region, whose pub’s name promised glee and ale. (The pub itself was an expensive failure, being located too far from the main routes to the goldfields of the 1850s to make enough of a profit to support itself. The land where it stood is now a part of the extensive grounds of the Melbourne Airport.

And there’s no way at all that it was named after Valentine Green, who ran the Valley Coach Service – one of Melbourne’s first crosstown routes, shuttling people from St Albans to Broadmeadows and vice versa – whose sole claim to fame is having facillitated more gang fights between geographically disparate gangs than any other Melbournian not involved with the city’s railway network in some capacity. Val Green was killed in a tragic coach collision in 1847, and the site of his death is commemorated today by the Valley Pet Foods Factory, construction of which began on the site of Green’s death later that afternoon.

Nope, Greenvale’s history, much like its present, is simply dull. Nothing interesting ever happens there. Nothing at all.

Suburbs near Greenvale:

Oaklands Junction Oaklands Junction Yuroke Craigieburn Craigieburn
Oaklands Junction Oaklands Junction Greenvale Greenvale Roxburgh Park
Bulla Greenvale Greenvale Greenvale Meadow Heights
Melbourne Airport Greenvale Greenvale Greenvale Meadow Heights
Melbourne Airport Melbourne Airport Attwood Attwood Westmeadows
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