Glen Waverley

In the noontide of the Hollister fortune, Glen Hollister would often buy land – sometimes huge tracts of it – more or less on a whim. His purchase of the eastern slopes of Mount Waverley is a case in point. Hollister had, at that point, been seized by an urge to become a sailing man. There was, at that time something of a fad for it, and like many of the nouveau riche, Hollister worried that his family would be looked upon as second class if they did not ape the affectations of old money (and never mind that the oldest money in the colony wasn’t more than two decades senior to Hollister’s own fortune).

Thus, the purchase of what would become known as Glen Waverley, which Hollister appears to have mistakenly believed to be a coastal region just right for starting the yacht club he had planned. One can only imagine his reaction when he first gazed out upon the land he had just acquired from its western extremity, although whatever the truth of it was, Hollister put a brave face on it, and founded a cricket and football club instead of the sailing club he had hoped for.

And despite initial misgivings over the wisdom of the purchase, the land was soon subdivided and sold on to farmers (whose grandchildren would subdivide in their turn and sell on to residential developers). For once, Hollister’s recklessness with money actually turned a profit for him and his family, although that money wouldn’t last long either. Such is life.

Suburbs near Glen Waverley:

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