Gladstone Park

A Korean pugilist named for the British Prime Minister at the time of his birth, Gladstone Park was born in Hong Kong. Growing up on tales of the Boxer Rebellion, but not really understanding what the name meant, Gladstone resolved at a young age to take up the study of the sweet science. Despite his relatively slight physique, he proved to have quite an affinity for the sport, his dexterity and speed making up for his comparative lack of body mass and strength.

Gladstone Park toured Australia in his twenties, hitting all the highlights (and most of the competitors) of Australia’s boxing circuit at the time. It was an unusual life for a man used to Asia, but he came to like it, except for two small things: most of the people he met were racist towards him, and even the ones who weren’t tended to think he was Chinese rather than Korean.

One night, when returning from a bout in Bulla, the racist taunts of Park’s driver were too much for him to endure, and he punched the man hard enough to knock him out. Unfortunately, this meant that the car swerved out of control, bouncing off a tree and down an embankment to collide with the rocks at the bottom. There were no survivors.

The area around there became known as Gladstone’s Park – less for the parkland than as a bad pun on Park’s ability to park a car safely – which in time became simply Gladstone Park. The name of the driver is lost to history.

Suburbs near Gladstone Park:

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