“Keating! The Musical” Annotations

The lyrics to Casey Benetto’s hilariously fun musical about one of Australia’s most influential Prime Ministers, with annotations on some of the more obscure bits.

  1. Overture*
  2. My Right Hand Man
  3. Do It In Style
  4. I Remember Kirribilli
  5. It’s Time
  6. The Ruler Of The Land
  7. The Beginning Is The End
  8. On The Floor
  9. I Wanna Do You Slowly
  10. Antony Green
  11. Sweet
  12. The Arse End Of The Earth
  13. Freaky
  14. Heavens, Mister Evans
  15. Redfern
  16. Ma(m)bo
  17. Power
  18. The Mateship
  19. Choose Me
  20. The Light On The Hill
  21. Historical Revisionism

Titles marked * have no lyrics

Annotations of a rather different sort can be found at TV Tropes.

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