Although local legend states that this area was named after an ancient king of Ireland, the truth is rather more mundane. It was named after a king, of sorts, in a way. But the tale is one that is decidedly more mundane.

Until the late 1960’s the area was simply a part of Tootgarook, Boneo and Cape Schank. It was in the year 1967 that Harland David Sanders (who was not really a colonel, at least, not as anything other than a purely honorary thing) purchased a large tract of unused farm land in the area. for the purpose of farming the astronomically vast numbers of chickens that his enterprise would require when it opened in Australia the following year. The Sanders Farm – which was really more of a very large battery chicken growing operation – soon made the entire region reek. It got to a point where the holday trade of the peninsula was seriously affected by it – people weren’t coming any more, because a bad wind would see their holiday ruined.

The last straw came one day in 1975, when the stench led an anonymous letter writer to the Herald (a writer widely suspected of being Allan Stimson, despite reports of his death at a nearby beach in 1966, trying to save a friend from drowning – he had, after all, been reported dead on several previous occasions) to compare it to being like the plot of “On The Beach”, only with the directions reversed.

Sanders was no longer involved with the Kentucky Fried Chicken company by that point, but the new owners were very sensitive to criticism. They closed down the farm, re-sourcing the supply of their chickens to a variety of smaller establishments across Australia and beyond. And they found themselves with a windfall: years of chicken shit had made the land they owned extremely fertile, and it would fetch an excellent price at market as farm land (there being, at that time, no warning of the sea-change movement that would later populate the area farm more densely).

But their For Sale sign was vandalised by some local semi-literate half-wit, adding the words “it’s FINGALickinn good” to the agent’s effusive description. And thus did the area come by its name.

Suburbs near Fingal:

Rye Rye Tootgarook Rosebud West
Rye Fingal Fingal Boneo
St Andrews Beach Fingal Fingal Boneo
Bass Strait Fingal Fingal Boneo
Bass Strait Bass Strait Fingal Cape Schanck
Bass Strait Bass Strait Bass Strait Cape Schanck
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