Endeavour Hills

The Ritual of Venturing, the opening ritual in the sequence of seven rituals that make up the larger collective Ritual of the Seven Hills, is an exacting one. As a ritual that commences a great work, opening a door between this realm and others variously described as metaphorical, spiritual or pataphysical (depending on the commentator), it must be performed in the utmost secrecy, with one exception: that, as in all seven of the rituals, the hill it is performed upon must be named in a way that reflects the ritual being performed.

In the case of Endeavour Hills, the cult that carried out the ritual – a mysterious group whose very name is lost to us, as are the identities of all its members, with the exception of one identified solely by the initials AET, who seems to have been either the deviser of the ritual or a scribe employed by the deviser to record it – hit upon an ingenious solution to the problem. They conducted the ritual (on Wednesday the Tenth of June, 1903) on one particular hill among the numerous small hillocks that make up that area, and named the entire area for it, satisfying both requirements, but kicking off a feud that lives on to this day.

In present day Endeavour Hills, numerous local traditions make claims for various of the hills being the site of the ritual, with the particular hill nominated varying largely based on the feelings about magick held by the person telling the story: those who like it will claim that whatever hill they are fondest of was the site, those who do not will claim that whatever hill their least favourite neighbours live upon was the site.

Suburbs near Endeavour Hills:

Rowville Rowville Rowville Lysterfield Lysterfield
Rowville Endeavour Hills Lysterfield South Lysterfield South Lysterfield South
Dandenong North Endeavour Hills Endeavour Hills Endeavour Hills Narre Warren North
Doveton Endeavour Hills Endeavour Hills Endeavour Hills Narre Warren North
Doveton Doveton Endeavour Hills Endeavour Hills Narre Warren North
Doveton Eumemmerring Hallam Hallam Hallam
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