There are many things that one can do if one is a member of that variety of the Fey known as pookas. In addition to appearing invisibly, or as a six foot three and a half inch tall rabbit, or indeed, in any other form it might take their fancy to do so, they can transcend space and time, cloud men’s minds, and not a few other useful (or whimsical) abilities.

All of which comes in hand when the amiable if not too bright drunk the pooka is saddled with minding takes a fancy to have a part of the world named after himself. This accounts for a number of place names, including Dowdington, Illinois; Pee, County Kerry; and, of course, Elwood, Victoria.

It is unclear exactly when Harvey (the aforementioned pooka) did succeed in changing the name of St Kilda South to Elwood, but it is clear that he did, having travelled back in time from 1951 to do so. How exactly he clouded the minds of Batman, Fawkner and other early Melbournians is unclear, but they not only did his bidding, but forgot that they had done so, creating some semi-convincing rationale for their actions.

Suburbs near Elwood:

Port Phillip Bay St Kilda St Kilda Balaclava St Kilda East
Port Phillip Bay Elwood Elwood Ripponlea St Kilda East
Port Phillip Bay Elwood Elwood Elwood Elsternwick
Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Elwood Brighton Elsternwick
Port Phillip Bay Port Phillip Bay Brighton Brighton Elsternwick
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