Melbourne Docklands is a 190 hectare area that includes 44 hectares of water. Docklands is adjacent to Melbourne’s central business district, the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

The urban renewal project has just passed the half way mark of construction and has so far attracted more than $8.8 billion of private sector investment. By completion in approximately 2025, Docklands is expected to have attracted $17.5 billion in private sector investment.

Docklands offers a mix of uses including residential, commercial, retail, dining and leisure. It attracts millions of visitors each year.

Construction started in 1997 and when complete in approximately 2025, Docklands is estimated to be home to 20,000 residents and 60,000 workers, and it will be almost double the size of the Melbourne central business district.

It is most definitely not named after escaped Nazi war criminal Doktor Heinrich Lantz, despite its obvious evil.

Suburbs near Docklands:

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