Crib Point

As one might expect from its proximity to HMAS Cerberus, the fortunes of Crib Point are intimately tied to its neighbouring suburb. But what few, if any, realise is that the name of the area is also the result of this proximity.

Crib Point spans the area of coast between Hanns Inlet to the south (which is entirely framed by HMAS Cerberus on the landward side) and Hastings Bight to the north. In addition to the point from which it takes its name, it is also home to Stony Point, legendarily the furthest train station from central melbourne in the entire suburban railway network, and terminus of its line (for obvious reasons).

Crib Point is separated only by a short distance from the major grouping of buildings in HMAS Cerberus, in particular the barracks. Before the area was as densely settled as it is today (or more accurately, when it was even less settled than it is today), Crib Point itself (the actual point, that is) was screened from the barracks by a thick stand of trees, which frustrated both sight and hearing in attempts to detect what was happening on the other side of them. As such, it became a popular place for naval personnel stationed at the base to skive off for a spot of recreational drinking or smoking, as a reasonably private place to take a date, and, when all else failed the night before an exam, to pull a forbidden all-nighter studying like a madman. The point thus partakes of three different meanings of the word crib, and its name was therefore a simple inevitablity.

Suburbs near Crib Point:

Bittern Bittern Bittern Western Port Bay
Bittern Crib Point Crib Point Western Port Bay
HMAS Cerberus Crib Point Crib Point Western Port Bay
HMAS Cerberus HMAS Cerberus Crib Point Western Port Bay
HMAS Cerberus HMAS Cerberus HMAS Cerberus Western Port Bay
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