Second only to the meteorite Mundrabilla, the meteorite Cranbourne is believed to have hit the Melbourne region long before huamnity ever came here – the tribes of the Kulin people had not yet arrived in the area, to say nothing of settlers from more distant lands. An octahedrite iron-nickel meteorite, its impact must have been enormous. It would have deformed the land for miles around, and most likely set off an impressive bush fire.

But today there is little trace of it in the landscape. How long ago must such a thing have happened, to have eroded away to virtually nothing? And yet, large fragments of it still exist even today, after having been found more than a century ago.

And yet, even this mystery pales into near insignificance compared to the greater one of how, for an event that happened so long ago, the name of the meteorite became known, allowing the nearest township to be named for it.

Suburbs near Cranbourne:

Dandenong South Lynbrook Hampton Park Narre Warren South Berwick
Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Cranbourne North Cranbourne North Clyde North
Skye Cranbourne West Botanic Ridge Cranbourne East Clyde
Langwarrin Cranbourne South Cranbourne South Junction Village Clyde
Langwarrin Cranbourne South Cranbourne South Devon Meadows Devon Meadows
Langwarrin Pearcedale Pearcedale Devon Meadows Devon Meadows
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