While there are any number of mystics and mages in the history of Melbourne, it’s important to note also that their traditional opponents – the police, the priesthoods, the, in a word, wowsers – have also been well-represented.

Nowhere is this more true than in the wide area to the north of the city that became known as Donnybrook. The home of drunken brawlers whose favourite activity – drunken brawling – ended up naming the area, the giving of that name led to an all too predictable backlash from the more straitlaced portions of the populace. They renamed a portion of the area Kalkallo (from a phrase that a friendly native told them meant ‘new beginnings’ but actually meant ‘white hypocrites’).

Shortly thereafter, a man named Craig Emerton moved to the area. Ejected from the Starwatcher Coven for being too crazy, Emerton was a mystic who was looking for a place to found a cult of his own. He made some progress towards this goal, recruiting among the unemployed and disaffected, but his numnbers were still too few for his ego’s liking. To remedy this, he decided to take drastic action.

He and the members of his cult announced that they would perform a public ritual atop nearby Mt Ridley, where they would dance skyclad before engaging in an orgiastic summoning intended to invoke the presence of the god Emerton worshipped (a god best not named). Rumours spread throughout the town that the ritual would involve human sacrifice, and the people of Kalkallo decided to intervene.

Emerton had no plans for human sacrifice, but he was in the minority. It was decided that the town would deal with the witch in its midst in the traditional fashion. And Craig E. burned.

Suburbs near Craigieburn:

Mickleham Mickleham Mickleham Kalkallo Donnybrook
Mickleham Mickleham Mickleham Craigieburn Donnybrook
Mickleham Craigieburn Craigieburn Craigieburn Wollert
Yuroke Craigieburn Craigieburn Craigieburn Wollert
Greenvale Greenvale Roxburgh Park Somerton Epping
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