ZAP (an acronym for Zootoxic Acid Psychogalvanide) was a particularly nasty drug that was briefly the scourge of Madripoor until WOlverine, sorry, ‘Patch”, got involved.

It was nasty less because of its effects – though a potent intoxicant and stimulant is rarely considered a good thing by the authorities – and more because of its origin. You see, the active ingredient of ZAP was harvested from the brain fluid of Madripoorian spider monkeys, an endangered species unique to that island. The Madripoorian Army was compelling a native tribe to hunt and capture the monkeys. In a sense, the problem is now solved, as the monkeys were swiftly hunted to extinction, meaning that no more of the drug could be made. But from the point of view of the monkeys, and the natives who loved them as “The Little People of the Forest”, it was a pyrrhic victory at best.

ZAP was also sometimes refined into an even stronger drug named Thunderbolt. A strong euphoric, a dose of Thunderbolt gave the user enhanced strength and endurance, but at a price: even a single dose was inevitably fatal.

Which goes to show that even for drug dealers, the Madripoorian criminal syndicates had an extremely poor business model..

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