Vodare is a drug favoured by sadists and berserkers, especially those that worship the dread god Rallaster, known variously as the Razor God, the Insane God and the God of Madmen. It is made from the crushed petals of a flower that grows only on the graves of those who dedicated their lives to the worship of Rallaster, and carries a small portion of the god’s power and nature in it.

An extremely bitter brown powder, Vodare is almost always mixed with something to sweeten it when swallowed, such as honeyed water or sweet wine. It causes it users to grow bold, arrogant and somewhat careless of danger – a state which is ideal for committing the kinds of casual murder and offhand slaughter that Rallaster likes to see as votive offerings.

Fortunately, its use is almost unknown outside of Rallaster’s small, secretive cult, and even more fortunately, the cult exists more in name than in fact, as most of those who worship Rallaster fear the discovery of their faith, and are frequently loners to boot.

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