Snow Crash

Snow Crash, exists in two forms, although it’s unclear how similar their effects are. The first form is as a blood serum taken from existing users, which induces a number of effects, the most apparent of which is glossolalia or speaking in tongues. In this form, it is a common street drug in California, also known as Redcap (after the distinctive red plastic caps on the vials it comes in) and Countdown.

The second form is as a cyberdrug, which specifically disrupts the thought processes (and Metaverse avatars) of experienced coders. This drug takes the form of binary code that is somehow able to derange the thought processes of those who look directly at it, leaving them, so far as medical science can detect, like the victims of an induced stroke.

Both forms of the drug are connected to a sinister cult that is apparently seeking to take over the world. It’s always something.

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