Among the more pernicious myths of the internet era, Progesterex is a date-rape drug with a variety of terrible effects – or would be if it actually existed. It is usually described as a horse-sterilizing drug being mis-used, despite the fact that there are in fact no drugs used to sterilize horses.

Originating as a spam email in the nineties, but still making the rounds of various social media platforms today, the classic Progesterex hoax includes inflammatory accounts of it being slipped into the drinks of unsuspecting women – usually, but not always, along with Rohypnol (a real date rate drug). The next morning, the woman will have little or no memory of subsequent events, which frequently includes lurid accounts of gang rape, as well as the permanent sterilization of the woman to whom it was given.

Despite the best efforts of the kind of people who invent and share this crap on the internet, Progesterex remains as stubbornly fictional as any other drug listed on this site.

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