Pitrolux is the trade name under which the chemical testopheromenal is sold in 19 countries including the USA. An underarm deodorant lotion and ‘bedroom enhancer’ for men, Pitrolux is a purple gel (sold with its own, allegedly patented, ‘soft-glide applicator’), also notable for being scented with juniper- (later replaced by ‘country apple’)…

…and for the fact that its overly testosterone-rich formulation causes numerous unpleasant side effects, such as excessive hair growth (especially on the face and torso), elongation of the larynx, enlargement of the testicles, random tissue deformities (especially on the areas of skin where Pitrolux is applied), painful and potentially life-threatening erections, truly volcanic acne, and a tendency for heavy users to become so strongly juniper-scented that no other scent can be detected from them.

It is the subject of a class action suit on behalf of numerous displeased former customers (including, notably, an all-female cheerleading squad from Texas), and the manufacturer is expected to settle out of court.

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