Pheno is a mega-steroid, taking its name from its primary ingredient, Phenotrimethacetopan. It was developed by Schrader Chemicals, a Gotham City-based big pharma company.

Its development and testing were both illegal, which is why Schrader tested it on a random Gotham street gang, selling it too them as a steroid that enabled the user to develop superhuman powers. That much was true.

What was also true was that the powers – strength, endurance and adrenalin output – came coupled with a nasty package of muscular hyper-development, increased aggression and paranoia, and finally, rapid cellular disintergration. Pheno rewrites the DNA of its users, but not in a stable way. It is no longer manufactured pending the shutdown of Schrader Chemicals under investigation by the FDA, DEO and GCPD following the intervention of Robin and his reporter allies.

A later, stabler derivative of Pheno was developed by the assassins David Cain and Slade Wilson, but its manufacture has since been discontinued, after the assassin’s more heroic daughters shut down the training program of which it was a part.

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