NZT-48 is a cognitive enhancer that activates “the other 90%” of the human brain. It increases recall, perception, problem solving ability, concentration and speed of cognition. As side effects of these, it massively improves self-confidence, focus and motivation. Oh, and it kicks in within 30 seconds of ingesting a pill.

It does have a number of notable side effects, however. For a start, hyping up one’s motivation sounds good, but NZT-48 pushes it to a point where inactivity is impossible. Decreasing one’s inhibitions sounds good, except that it includes moral inhibitions. When under the effects of the drug, one feels invincible, and entirely free from consequences.

One is, alas, neither of these things.

It is also massively physically and psychologically addicting. Withdrawal from NZT-48 is accompanied by visual distortions, blackouts, nausea and profuse sweating.

And finally, NZT-48 is illegal, and people will kill to get their hands on it.

Happy using.

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