NLG, or Niebezpiecznᶏ Lekarstwa Grypᶒ, is a Polish-made cold and flu treatment that is sold in the United Kingdom at Poundland. (It costs a pound per box.)

The effects of NLG suggest that it contains a low grade amphetamine, the kind that will, should you exceed the recommended dosage, make you hallucinate that you can speak to woodpigeons. It is dubiously regulated in the UK, or at least, it was before Brexit – it’s probably on a list of ‘them foreign things that proper English people don’t like’ now, and possibly even illegal. (It is possible that certain shipments of it, seized by UK customs, found their way to Boris Johnson’s cabinet.)

(In English, its name literally translates to “Dangerous Drugs Flu”. Caveat Emptor.)

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