Lot Six

Lot Six was the sixth in a series of mild hallucinogen that it was hoped would induce extrasensory perception in its users. Glorying in the scientific name of di-lysergic triune acid, it was nicknamed “booster acid” by the team that developed it at the behest of the Shop, a shadowy covert agency of the US government about which little is known.

A dozen subjects participated in the tests of Lot Six in 1969. Most of them died or went insane, but two of them, Andrew McGee (who developed minor coercive telepathic abilities) and Victoria Tomlinson (who developed an even smaller telekinetic talent) escaped from the Shop and spent many years on the run from it. After their marriage and the birth of their daughter Charlie, they discovered that a side effect of Lot Six was chromosomal mutation. Charlie developed a major pyrokinetic talent, which she used to destroy a Shop installation. Later, she brought the story of Lot Six to Rolling Stone Magazine, who created a minor scandal when the published it in 1980 (which was unfortunately quickly pushed from the front pages by the hostage situation at the US embassy in Tehran and the Presidential campaign).

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