God’s Breath

Developed by the US military in response to the potential threat of alien invasion, God’s Breath is a blue powder (sometimes also in capsule form). It is a poison that acts to sever the bond between symbionts, as nearly all known alien species are members of symbiotic partnerships (as humans, with rare exceptions, are not). The poison is designed to weaken the bond, but depending on the nature of the bond and the peculiarities of the physiologies of both symbionts in the partnership, it often severs the bond entirely, which can result in severe injury and even the death of one or both partners in the symbiosis.

Back on Earth, the military is making an ungodly fortune from selling God’s Breath as a street drug, as it is a powerful hallucinogen and euphoric to humans, while also rendering them immune to becoming symbiotes themselves. This is all, technically, illegal, but also the kind of thing that black budgets were invented to do.

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