Focusyn is an experimental drug that has effects like a stronger version of Ritalin, sometimes prescribed to particularly severe cases of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It has a number of effects, including improved curiosity and mental focus, both of which make the user a better student. It also, peculiarly, makes them more polite, which may be a side effect of the increased empathy.

However, Focusyn has a perceived negative effect as well: it is often seen as making the user somewhat paranoid, and prone to imagining baroque conspiracies. One such case was Bartholemew Simpson of Springvale, who believed he had detected spy satellites operated by Major League Baseball after taking a much higher than recommended dose of Focusyn. Simpson was quickly weaned off the drug due to his paranoia, regardless of the fact that he was in fact not paranoid – he succeeded in shooting down one of the actual satellites, suggesting that his paranoia was actually a view of reality that was more accurate than most people’s.

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