Ambrosia (Deus Ex)

The one and only vaccine for the mysterious Gray Death nanoplague, Ambrosia, a product of the VersaLife company, is also, technically, not a drug. Rather, it is a non-organic compound containing eutactic (that is, ‘perfectly ordered’) components: it is, like the Gray Death, a form of nanotechnology. And given that nanotechnology can only be produced with the use of a Universal Constructor – all of which are controlled by MJ12 – it forms part of a system of control (along with the plague it cures) for that conspiracy.

The artificial and sinister nature of Ambrosia goes a long way towards explaining why it is a near-perfect cure for and source of immunity to the Gray Death – but also why a single dose, usually 20cc, only works for 48 hours at a time. It is not, despite the use of the word above, actually a vaccine, but more of an artificial antibody. It is also extremely valuable and hard to come by, and legal use is largely restricted to those whom MJ12 finds useful: government officials, military personnel, the rich and influential, scientists, the intellectual elite, and anyone else deemed “vital to the social order”.

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