Kick is the street name of the drug Hypercortisone D – but it’s really a sentient bacterium that more often goes by the name Sublime.

Native to the Marvel Universe, Kick appears to cause psychosis, but this is actually the result of it enabling Sublime to control the minds of whoever takes it – a list which includes Kid Omega, Beast and Magneto (or possibly Xorn – accounts vary). In at least one alternate future, this drug/entity actually succeeded in taking over the world, which is a rare accomplishment for any drug to claim.

Sublime/Kick has few discernable goals, but one of them is the absolute destruction of mutantkind, which it regards as one of the few threats to its existence – largely because it can control mutants only when they take it in Kick, rather than the purely viral control that is sufficient to control most humans.

Modhra Coral

Less a drug than a strong parallel to drugs, Modhra Coral is dispersed consciousness that lives in coral polyps local to the moon Modhra II in the Sisstarko system. It is a sentient hive mind, although the limitations of distance mean that its colonies can lose contact with each other, and although the guiding consciousness remains the same, information known to an isolated colony may be lost if that colony is destroyed.

Modhra Coral is a highly controlled substance on most worlds, as any cuts on the skin allow it to implant polyps in those have touched it and eventually control them. It has limited psychic abilities whose strength is dependent on the size of the colony, which it uses to communicate amonst itself, and also to impel still more people to touch the coral and fall under its control.

The consciousness of Modhra Coral is usually referred to as just “the Modhra”. It was a creation of the imperialistic and warlike Shonkla-raa race (now fortunately extinct) that survived its masters and sought to continue their misson.

As of the Earth Year 2085, it is believed to have been destroyed; although independent infectees (“walkers”) still remain at large, their numbers are believed to be insufficient to pose a threat.

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