FEMFREE is a drug that suppresses the maternal instincts in women. It is not clear how this physical effect is acheived, but it seems likely that it suppresses certain hormones, and likely also reduces the likelihood of conception.

However, the social effects of the drug are even more striking. Shortly after the drug’s introduction, it was outlawed by President Lousewart, which swiflty led to the formation of a black market selling FEMFREE to the women who wanted it.

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Maiden’s Prayer

Served as a kind of herbal tea, Maiden’s Prayer is a popular abortifacient among the humans of Spire. Like most herbal teas, it is made by boiling and steeping plant leaves, although for Maiden’s Prayer the process is repeated several times to increase the strength of the drug.

The exact nature and number of the plant or plants that go into Maiden’s Prayer is a closely guarded secret, and it is possible that different herbalists are using slightly different mixtures. Maiden’s Prayer is occasionally used by non-humans, although never the Drow.

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Technically, that should be MañanacillinTM, which is how it inevitably appears when mentioned in the pages of American Flagg!.

MañanacillinTM is of that class of substances euphemistically referred to as ‘morning after pills’ or abortifacients. Sold in pill form by the Plex, its existence serves primarily to reinforce the general disregard for the consequences of their actions that characterises most of the citizenry of 2030’s Chicago.

Curiously absent from American Flagg! is any religious group decrying MañanacillinTM as the offence against God’s will they would no doubt see it as.

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