Caroline Springs

It is a little known fact that after his retirement, Archibald Everett Taylor abandoned both magick and science, and devoted himself to his twin daughters. Their mother, Andrea Taylor (nee Casey), had died in childbirth (although there were those who claimed that her death was just part of yet another of her husband’s many rituals), and Taylor had little else to do with his time, and even less inclination.

But his daughters were a disappointment to him. Caroline became a borderline alcoholic and ran up immense debts, burning her bridges with her friends and family. After 1934, Taylor saw little of her except when she wanted money from him. Hope was a depressive, whose tendencies in that direction were only enhanced by the death of her fiance in the Spanish Civil War. She committed suicide upon receiving the news of the outbreak of World War Two in Europe a few years later.

By this time, Taylor had little of his former fortune left to him. He still owned large tracts of land to the south of the family farm, Hillside, but most of it was tied up in long term leases which, while they guaranteed a steady income, did not permit Taylor to sell the land.

It is at this point that the crusading missionary, Sister Alice Hartwell of Our Lady of the Seven Robes of Gold by the Garden of Sorrows in the Vale of Tears, located in nearby Burnside, came into his life. Taylor hated her from the first, but she seemed oblivious to his feelings, being convinced that he was merely being stubborn, or perhaps humourous. Her constant badgering of him to give money to the church, to take comfort in Christ’s love, and most of all, her insistence that hope sprang eternal, drove Taylor into a cold, vengeful rage.

He determined to avenge himself on the manifold disappointments of his life, and most of all, on Sister Alice. And so he spent the last decade or so of his life preparing to convert all his agricultural holdings into a suburban tract so far from vital infrastructure, so unprotected from the elements, so dismal in its prospects, so banal in its very design that it has been convincingly argued that he must have at last succeeded in his magical endeavours, and forever cursed the area that he had named as a taunt to both his surviving daughter and the missionary.

Suburbs near Caroline Springs:

Plumpton Hillside Hillside Hillside
Plumpton Caroline Springs Taylors Hill Taylors Hill
Plumpton Caroline Springs Caroline Springs Burnside Heights
Rockbank Caroline Springs Caroline Springs Burnside
Rockbank Ravenhall Ravenhall Ravenhall
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