Botanic Ridge

Botanic Ridge is named for Cyrus P. Botanic, an early settler of the region. Botanic was a zoologist and falconer whose pride and joy were a pair of mated peregrine falcons he brought with him from his home in Frisia, and which bred and hunted in the local area – which had a devastating effect on the local wildlife, who were unused to predators like these. Most native raptors attacked only for food, but Botanic’s peregrines had been trained to hunt for sport, and literally couldn’t not kill when they took to the air.

Cyrus was largely unaware of this, until it occurred to him that he was finding what he considered an unusually large number of animal corpses on his daily walks around the area. Since he had moved here intending to catalogue native species, this was not at first a problem to him, until he had reached a point where he felt there was little more to be learned from dissecting them. He wanted to study the complete life cycles of the animals, and that meant he needed live ones. There was only one solution: he would have to kill the falcons.

Unfortunately for Botanic, the falcons were not in a hurry to be killed. They knew from past experience what Botanic’s gun meant, and when he pointed it at them, they struck. By this time, the original mating pair had grown to an even dozen, and despite the majority of them not yet being full grown, they were savage, powerful beasts. Botanic was torn to pieces his own pets – although it took the local constables several days to realise this, so completely was he consumed.

Suburbs near Botanic Ridge:

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