Named for the site where Bon Scott triumphantly emerged from the sea, fully-formed and ready to take on his destiny as the lead singer of AC/DC and one of the greatest rock’n’roll front men of all time, Bonbeach does not trumpet its glory. It keeps its legend tightly to itself, and there are few from outside the suburb who know of the true reasons for its name.

Until 1949, the area was simply known as Chelsea South, and was scarcely much more than an unsettled beach between Chelsea and Carrum, stretching from the white sands of Chelsea to the Carrum Carrum Swamp a few miles inland, and traversed by road and railway to carry people through, rather to. Were it not for the low ridge line that the road and railway followed, the area would simply have been more swampland, or possibly even just a wider mouth to the great inlet that once covered much of the area around those parts.

That all changed, a quieter possibility that was swept aside forever, with the coming of Bon Scott. Even in his youth, Scott’s nigh supernatural powers of being insanely awesome were already well-developed, and although he did not stay in the area (and no record exists of him ever returning to it), he left his mark. Where before had stood only the lonely building of the local life-saving club and rail motor stopping place #23, now stood a power station festooned with signs warning of high voltages. Soon, the stopping place would give way to a railway station, the life-saving club would rename itself, and people would start coming to what was now called Bonbeach to live, rather than just for a swim on a weekend.

Tied to the fortunes of its namesake as it was, the area experienced a notable economic decline in the early 1980s following Scott’s death, but soon bounced back as the rest of the boys from AC/DC decided to soldier on in Bon’s name, and it became increasingly clear that Scott was in no danger of being forgotten.

Suburbs near Bonbeach:

Port Phillip Bay Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Heights
Port Phillip Bay Bonbeach Bonbeach Patterson Lakes
Port Phillip Bay Carrum Patterson Lakes Patterson Lakes
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