Black Rock

It’s hard to imagine anyone having a bad day at Black Rock. After all, the suburb is a pleasant beachfront area, filled with the large, genteel houses of the well to do of Melbourne, the crust too upper for Brighton. And yet, the expression is to well known not to have a basis in fact. And indeed, it does.

Notoriously, bad days in Black Rock have been had by surfers (who all too often come to grief on the rocks that dot its beaches), by drivers (who find its narrow streets and blind corners confusing), by beach partiers (who have learned the hard way that starting a fire on the beach is much easier than controlling one), by police (who have discovered that those same back streets are pretty easy to lose them on), and by the people who actually live there (who occasionally have to deal with the sheer unwarranted indignity of a non-Conservative government in their municipality, state or nation).

Actually, upon sober reflection, it turns out that just about everyone has a bad day at Black Rock.

Suburbs near Beaumaris:

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